The Manchester Egg

In 1876 Alexander Graham Bell patented the invention of the telephone. The design was perfect, with its basic components of microphone and listening device able to transmit and receive sound existing largely unchanged for 130 years. But then in 2007, with the introduction of the I-phone, Apple revolutionised the telephone.

100 years before Bell’s telephone was a similarly life defining invention, that of the Scotch Egg. The design was perfect, by combining a hard-boiled egg with sausage meat and coating it in breadcrumbs before deep-frying a versatile snack was born that could be enjoyed hot or cold and at any time of the day. For most people, this would have represented a zenith in culinary experimentation, but much like Steve Jobs, Ben Holden was not satisfied.

His vision was to take the perfection of a Scotch Egg and somehow make it better.
Whilst enjoying a few Pints in the Oldham Street pub, The Castle, Ben began experimenting with a combination of ingredients available from behind the bar. After a period of tinkering he returned with a new improved version of the Scotch Egg ….. The Manchester Egg.

The Manchester Egg has improved upon its predecessor by encasing a pickled egg in a Lancashire black pudding mix before adding the breadcrumbs and deep-frying.
The Manchester Egg has already gained a cult status in the city of its name over the last 12 months and is available at three locations: The Castle Hotel, Electrik and The Parlour. It was a big hit at the recent Manchester Food and Drink Festival and expansion plans are a-foot.

If you are yet to experience the wonders of the Manchester egg, then I suggest using your I-phone to direct yourself to one of the outlets where it is available?


About shaungibbo

I live in Chorlton, South Manchester and work for an Environmental Support company called ENWORKS. Graduated from Sheffield University with BA(Hons) in Economics & Geography.
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