10 Manchester Bands to see Live in 2011

1) Kid British
Kid British brilliantly combine high energy Ska with a Rocky edge and have amassed quite an array of catchy tunes that generate an incredible atmosphere at live venues. Slick lyrics on the nuances of day to day life and the band member’s personal experiences resonate with their youthful eclectic crowds. They just keep getting better with every performance.

2) The Paris Riots
The Manchester based band has really matured its sound over the last 12 months. An all Scottish rhythm section provides a rock-solid foundation for crisp guitar riffs and spine tingling vocals from the Connor siblings. As well as a fabulous sound, their on stage presence will have you captivated. They’re extensively touring the festival scene this summer, including a return to Benicassim, so be sure to check them out if you get the chance.

3) Gentleman’s Dub Club
This band has been around for a while now and is well established as one of the best live dub/ska acts around, having supported the likes of Roots Manuva and The Streets. Whilst strictly speaking a Leeds based group, they regularly pop over the Pennines to bring us their heavyweight sound complimented with live effects and mixing. A feverous stage presence and a bouncing dance-floor combine to create an incredible live show.

4) Gideon Conn
Folk and Hip-hop should make for unusual bed fellows, but the delectable style of Gideon lays a comfy mattress for the two to entwine in perfect harmony. His combination of catchy hooks and beautifully crafted lyrics provide an intelligent and often humours portrayal of life. His stage presence is completely captivating and you will be leaving with a smile on your face.

5) The Twisted Wheel
The Oldham 3-piece might have a new line-up, but they play harder and faster than ever. Front-man, Jonny Brown delivers poignant lyrics to contrast with the bands ferocious style. Twisted Wheel have amassed huge support despite very little media attention, their gigs are often sold out to euphoric crowds revelling in their rock-punk sound.

6) Dutch Uncles
It’s taken less than two years for this group’s breezy brand of catchy pop to register on the consciousness of the mainstream music industry. In that short time, Dutch Uncles with their post-punk-but-smooth-around-the-edges style have fashioned a playful catalogue of songs that you’ll be humming away to for a long time to come.

7) Delphic
The Oldham boys hit the big time in 2009 and have been riding a wave of positive publicity ever since. Long before they received the media attention they deserved, their high tempo melodic rhythm was attracting a huge following. In recent years, Delphic have played many of Manchester’s tradition music venues, as well as more unusual ones, including a record store and an underground car-park.

8) The Jessie Rose Trip
When Jessie Rose appears on stage, it would seem that she’s just swaggered straight out of one of the Northern Quarters myriad of vintage clothes shops, stumbled across a discarded electric guitar and decided to see what happens. She plays with a reckless abandon for the safety of her own fingers, with every tingling guitar solo being comes a catchy hook, but what transcends Jessie Rose beyond pleasant pop and into the realm of star-in-waiting is her huge soul voice.

9) Murkage Cartel
The Murkage club night might have moved from its original home of One Central Street to South Nightclub, but wherever they go, this group never fails to bring the party. Live performances are a full on attack of dub-step, hip-hop and grime that shreds through your eardrums at barely legal levels and leaves your insides vibrating for days.

10) Henry Bird
Because everybody’s heard about the Bird and the Bird Bird Bird the Bird is the word.


About shaungibbo

I live in Chorlton, South Manchester and work for an Environmental Support company called ENWORKS. Graduated from Sheffield University with BA(Hons) in Economics & Geography.
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